Mardi Gras Virtual Scholarship Drive: Raffle Tickets


Mardi Gras Virtual Scholarship Drive



We Have Three Tiers of Raffles: Tickets are $5.00 each
Tier 1: 3 tickets | Tier 2: 5 Tickets | Tier 3: 7 tickets
You can buy multiple tickets to enter each or ALL levels
Tier 1-Devastating Diva
1. Delta Basket
2. $$ Visa Gift Card (De L’Argent)
Tier 2: Lamour de Soi (Self Love)
1. After 5 Basket (Aprees Cinco)
2. Spa certificate (Lamour de Soi)
Tier 3- Good Times(Bontemps)
1. Strictly Business Basket
2. Elements Basket


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